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Belk Credit Card – Pay Your Bill Online

Belk credit card is one of the best buddies that you can have when going on a shopping spree at Belk. The credit card holds numerous advantages and incentives that make it immensely attractive and desired by shoppers. Not only does it allow for ease of payments when shopping but you can also earn neat rewards while doing so.

Pay Your Belk Credit Card Bill

That is why the prospect of acquiring a Belk Credit card has baited the attention of so many shoppers. However, there are many that are new to the Belk credit card experience. They are unable to use it to the maximum extent in effectiveness and service that it can offer. Also, one of the most irritating and confusing aspect for these people is how the Belk credit card bill payment process works.

To help them get rid of the confusion we have discussed how the Belk Credit Payment process works, some precautions and alternate methods.

Belk makes the prospect of paying bills a most convenient and facilitative one. Amongst the many methods, probably the best and most convenient one is that of the online mode. Before using your Belk credit card to make online bill payments, the card holders need to register themselves on the website and activate their online account. Once you’ve got your account activated you can

Make online payments to various service providers

Deposit money to the Belk account from your checking account

Belk credit card online payment process works the same way as other credit card service providers. A checking account is mandatory for making bill payments and once you have your account set up you can also schedule a payment on recurring or one time basis.

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Belk Credit Card Online Payment: Security

  • Although Belk’s website is highly secured, it is still recommended to exercise some precautions to avoid getting into any kind of trouble
  • Never access you Belk online account on Public computer
  • Always make sure to delete the cookies and your login history
  • Keep your account information confidential
  • Always set your password thinking abstractly
  • Check that the URL of the website is correct – some hackers can embed the codes in similar URL which are used to extract your account information.
  • Don’t try to access your Belk account from links in emails from unknown senders.

In case you find any difficulty in making the payments or you perceive any suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to call Belk’s customer services center.

If you look on the back of your Belk credit card, you will find the number listed on it for calling the customer care service. Simply dial up that number and talk to the customer service representative for the fulfillment of your need. You can also confirm you bill payment, calling the customer representatives. Not only does it satisfy your apprehensions and any misgivings that you might have about the certainty of your bill being paid but it is also a most facilitative and efficient method.

You can also get your bills paid at any Belk outlet in your proximity. You can pay your bill; have refills, claim rewards and more when you visit a Belk store with your Belk credit card.

To find out more information about Belk Credit Card Online bill payment you can visit http://www.belkcredit.com/

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