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Belk Credit Card

Founded in 1888 by William Henry Belk, Belk is the largest privately owned department store chain in the US. Currently it is operating more than 300 stores in 15 states across America. Belk chain of stores are located primarily in Southeastern states and it offers a wide array of mid-priced branded products, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, home furnishing and gifts. Belk departmental stores are usually found in anchor malls and shopping centers situated in small to medium sized markets. In addition to the retail stores, Belk is also operating an ever growing online store; belk.com which was launched in 2008. Belk promises convenience and ease of shopping to its customers and the Belk credit cards are a big part of this commitment.

If you love to shop at Belk stores, then you must definitely consider having a Belk Credit Card. Not only does it provide you the convenience of shopping and paying bills online but also offer stunning rewards and benefits. The card holders accumulate points when they use their card for shopping and making payments online. These points can be converted into cash-back incentives, free air tickets, free hotel accommodations, shopping discounts and product freebies.

Belk Credit Card Rewards

Apart from the gifts and reward mentioned above, there are also some other incentives and perks associated with Belk Credit Cards. For example the Belk rewards card doesn’t only offer free flights and hotel stays but they can also help you upgrade your seat or room. With Belk Credit Card you can enjoy the luxury of top class services at major airlines and hotels across the country. In addition, you are also entitled to get travel assistance and free travel insurance plans.

You can also redeem your points accumulated on reward card for shopping. These points can be utilized to get great discounts, free products, discount cards and gift certificates from popular gift shops and brands. You can also redeem the points to get free petroleum and gas products for your car, get your car serviced or repaired for free and even purchase free car accessories or parts. Some of the other credit card rewards that you might be interested in are free gadget, appliances, movie tickets and heath and beauty treatments.

Unique Features of Belk Credit Cards

What is great about Belk Credit Cards is that they do not charge you annual fees. There are also no additional penalties, so you do not have to worry about making a large payment monthly. You can continue to use the card without any hassles and keep accumulating the points.

Belk also features a unique payment mode. You can set up an automated payment arrangement with your checking account to pay your monthly credit card bill. This saves you from the hassle of paying your credit card bill, as your bank now takes care of your billing every month. This also saves you from late payment penalties.

If you don’t want to set automated monthly payment through your bank, you can still save yourself from the hassle of falling in long queues by paying the credit card bill online or by the phone.

The Belk credit card program is not only attractive but with the extra benefits that that is offers, makes shopping an absolute delight for shoppers. Also, depending upon the range of money that shoppers spends at Belk, their eligibility for a different Belk Credit Card also grows.

There are different cards available from Belk. Below are mentioned an account of various Belk Credit Cards. We will see as to how each Belk card differs from the other in terms of services, facilities, rewards and returns and as to how a person can qualify for them.

  • Belk Rewards Card – The Belk Rewards Card is the most basic of Belk Credit cards and anyone who spends about 599 dollars at Belk can become eligible for it. For every four hundred rewards points collected, the Belk Rewards Card provides 10 dollars to the user. The card provides reward points on the basis of one point per one dollar spent. Also, there are certain sales events within Belk that only Belk Credit Card holders can access.
  • Belk Premier Card – The next stage in Belk Credit Card is that of the Belk Premier Card which is available for those Belk customers who spend about 600 to 2499 dollars annually. In addition to boasting all of the advantages and benefits of the Belk Rewards Card, the Belk Premier Card also offers access to free basic modifications, flex pay plan based financing, free deluxegift wrap and much more.

  • Belk Elite Card – The last and most illustrious card in the Belk Credit card list is that of the Belk Elite Card. It is available for those who spend more than 2500 dollars annually at a Belk outlet. This card holds the power and advantages of both the Rewards and Premier card while also offering additional benefits like never expiring reward points, freedom to choose sales days of one’s choice, free shipping coupons and much more.


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